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Personal statements are bits of description that quickly and efficiently give an employer a glimpse into who you are. Personally and professionally.

Personal statements are not resumes or cover letters. They are short descriptions that don’t reach the length of a cover letter. They need to be perfectly worded, concise and quickly convincing of your intentions and skills.

A personal statements needs to show who you are, what your most valuable experience is in, some of your best skills, and lastly - reason for wanting the position. It can also contain your most innate motivations for why you are on the career path that you are. What brought you there and what motivates you to still be on it.

Personal statements are like a post-it on your resume that can help your possible employer differentiate between you and other candidates – hopefully, in your favor.

Our team of writers knows how to write personal statements that help you stand out from other candidates. They will be perfectly written, matching your professional and personal profile, concise, and passionate enough to get the employer to - almost be on your side. And not other candidates.

A passionate, clear and professional personal statement can help you be one of the firsts who gets a call to come in for an interview. They might even be one of the factors that actually gets you the job.

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