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Delivery Policy

  • If the final outcome of the item(s) that you have received from us is not as what was promised by the website (, or as discussed in the written conversation between and you (the customer), we will be liable to make revisions to the work provided to you.
  • You may ask us for alterations on the work or revisions as required. You will be liable to pay additional costs if the alterations vary from the original details provided and also additional time will have to be provided which will be as needed and declared by the expert.
  • If we are not able to deliver or make the revisions to your satisfaction and only if we agree, you will receive a 100% refund for the parts that we cannot deliver or revise to your satisfaction.
  • We allow three (3) revisions for the services you have received from us.
  • There is no limit on number of alterations but each alteration will have an additional cost and allotment of extra time period as quoted by the expert.
  • Request for a refund or revision must be made in writing to us (via the customersupport form) and received within 72 hours after delivery.
  • When a refund isissued, you must agree, in writing, that you will not use the articles for which youhave received a refund for any reason whatsoever and that you will delete all filescontaining the article or that were given to you by us which are related to thearticle. This is subject to all vendor copyright laws.
  • Content Aspire will keep your files for 14 days. You must download the delivered fileswithin that timeframe. We will not be responsible for files you haven’t downloaded withinthat timeframe.
  • Any abuse of this policy as determined at the sole discretion of maylead to a denial of a refund.